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Every REVELation starts with a spark …

In our case, it was more of a lightning bolt … back in 2012 we were, well, bored of wine tastings and decided there had to be a better way of engaging people with wine.

Make it fun, even. Imagine that!

So, instead of moaning, we took matters into our own hands and started throwing our own wine tasting events. They were… different. A music festival atmosphere, young everyday people having fun, DJs, the odd dress up, and good food … it was a winning combination. Before we knew it, we were running a full calendar of experiences across Australia and New Zealand all around making wine simple and fun to sip, learn and share.

Today we’re celebrating our next REVELation as we welcome the dawn of a brand new day with the renewed focus, purpose and energy of a new brand … REVEL.

Building upon our experience, success and commitment of Bottle Shop Concepts and creating and delivering remarkable experiences, our new brand marries the very best elements of yesterday with a fresh outlook to create something that’s well, a bit more us these days (we aren’t actually a bottle shop you know).

Our new name, REVEL, represents our love of bringing people together for a good time. It says fun. It says celebration. It says cut loose and leave your troubles at the door.

We love it and we hope you do, too.

Our new logo is deliberately simple.  Fresh and clean, this new look will carry us into new global markets in the coming weeks, months and years and captures our forward-thinking attitude and, well, maturity. We’re serious about what we do so we want to look like that, too.

But our brand is much more than a new name and logo … it’s the roadmap that helps guide our actions, behaviours and communications to ensure we’re always creating, running and sharing the world’s best, most creative wine and food experiences …

We live to create remarkable experiences that people love and learn from. This is our REVEL brand purpose.

We’re here to change the way wine (and food) is experienced and communicated on a global scale. That is our mission (no small feat but we’re up for the challenge).

Anchored in hospitality, we literally pour our hearts into what we do. We genuinely give a shit about the community we’ve grown over the years. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

So in essence, what we’re all about is the concept of … Share the Love. This is the big idea that unites us and drives everything that we do. From the experiences we create to the revelutionary network of winemakers, suppliers, partners and loyal revellers (that’s you!) we’ve been fortunate to build; we’re here to share our passion and know-how with one and all. Peer to peer.

So, to everybody who’s helped, supported and laughed with us before, during or after our gigs over the last 5 years … thank you … we look forward to reveling with you all as we continue changing the game and sharing the love!

We are REVEL. Global.


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