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As part of our quest for world-wine domination (did we mention we’re opening in Singapore soon?), we’ve recruited a new soldier to fly the flag for team BSC. Meet Anna Webster – who you may remember from TV’s MasterChef – but who has also spent the past few years in the food media industry, with contracts at Broadsheet and Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and articles in various other publications.

We spend so much time worrying about the wine side of things that food is sometimes overlooked, so half of Anna’s job will be making sure our festival’s food offerings are as good as the booze. The other half will be running all our communications – content creation, newsletters, social, and so on.

We’re putting all the pressure on her, so we know we’ll see good things.


Anna Webster loves food, but she’s pretty happy to cheat on it with wine. In fact, next to books and reading, it’s her most consistent obsession.

She began her career in publishing, working for Pan Macmillan and then Bauer Magazines. She then had a very brief stint as a high school English teacher before a friend convinced her to audition for MasterChef Australia.

Since leaving the show, she turned her efforts towards food media, and has written and worked for Broadsheet, Good Food, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, tMix+, and others.

She has degrees in Arts, Journalism, Editing and Publishing, Communications, and Education, from Monash, Melbourne and RMIT universities.

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