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The wine program at this year’s MFWF is one of the best we’ve ever seen them do. Bars and restaurants across Melbourne are hosting rosé rooftop parties, speed dating sessions – there’s even a wine bar crawl by tram. But if we had to pick our top three (and apparently, we do), these are it.

Here’s what we’re going to.

(and no doubt a bunch of other things as well!)

Rootstock x MFWF

You know we love Rootstock. That festival in Sydney where its organisers spit-roasted a whole cow then danced naked around it drinking organic wine (this last part may be embellished) is coming to Melbourne. Chefs David Moyle (Franklin and Longsong), Aaron Turner (Igni) and Duncan Welgemoed (Africola) are doing the food, there’ll be oysters from Wapengo Rocks, and a buttload (technical wine term… seriously) of natural wine. FUN TIMES.


Italo Dining & Disco Club

Another party coming to Melbourne from Sydney is Maurice Terzini and Gio Paradiso’s (who collectively own Icebergs Dining Room + Bar, Da Orazio, 10 William Street, and Fratelli Paradiso) Italo Dining & Disco Club. It’s going to run as a street party in a CBD laneway, with great Italian food (think crispy porchetta and pizzas), beers and spritzes. Barrels of still-fermenting wine will be there courtesy of young gun Owen Latta – a salute to old-school practices.

This was the after party for Rootstock Sydney last year. Yes, we’re still recovering … *ahem*


Makers & Muses

Did you know Pizzini might never have made wine if Brown Brothers hadn’t asked the family to grow grapes for them? Or that William Downie was once winemaker at De Bortoli? Learn all about the relationships and connections that have influenced Australian wines in the best way possible: by drinking them.


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