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Revel Global Volunteer Terms of Engagement


ABN 68 164 488 402 (“Revel”, “Organisation”)

1. You hereby agree to provide voluntary services to Revel Global from Saturday 6 October 2018 to Sunday 7 October 2018.

2. You will report directly to the Event Supervisor, Event Coordinator, Production Manager, Production Assistants, or member of the core Revel Staff where applicable. Revel personnel shall hereafter be referred to as your “Supervisor”.

3. You acknowledge and agree you will undertake volunteer services in accordance with Revel’s operating policies and procedures as provided by and/or explained to you by your Supervisor.

4. As a volunteer, you are covered by Revel’s Voluntary Workers Insurance Policy with DUAL Australia Ltd, as varied from time to time. As a volunteer, you will fully disclose any pre-existing health conditions or issues to Revel to ensure you and any conditions or issues are covered by Revel’s insurance. If you fail to disclose any pre-existing health conditions or issues and as a result, Revel’s insurance does not extend to coverage of you or such pre-existing health conditions or issues, you will be solely liable for all costs and treatment related to the pre-existing health conditions or issues and you shall fully release and indemnify Revel against the same.

5. You agree and acknowledge that as a volunteer, you are no entitled to the benefit of any statutory entitlements applicable to any employee of the Organisation, such as annual leave, personal leave or long service leave, or entitled to payment of any remuneration.

6. You acknowledge during your time as a volunteer with Revel, you may be photographed or recorded and that content may be used in promotional materials for Revel Global. You hereby consent to the use of your name and likeness being used in connection to said promotional materials and agree that you have no right to pre- approval of, or entitled to payment for such use.

7. You will adhere to responsible voluntary services and will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during your time as a volunteer, in the interest of safety as well as maintaining a voluntary relationship with Revel.

8. You acknowledge as a volunteer, you are not under any obligation to provide services to the Organisation and may end the volunteer relationship with Revel at any time.

Volunteer Benefits

The Organisation may, in its absolute discretion, determine to award the following items to you during your time as a volunteer with Revel:

  • –  official Revel t-shirt
  • –  ‘Pinot Palooza’ tote bag
  • –  2x wine glasses
  • –  1x complimentary ticket to Pinot Palooza Sydney
  • –  ‘Pinot Palooza’ Magazine

The above items may be awarded at Revel’s discretion subject to availability and locality of volunteer ‘shift’.

Electronic Acknowledgement

You hereby electronically accept Revel’s arrangement as a volunteer, and the terms and conditions as set out in these terms of engagement, as delivered in the Volunteer Application form.