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Here at REVEL, we live to create experiences that people love and learn from.
We’re the ones behind events such as Pinot Palooza, MOULD – A Cheese Festival, Bread & Circus, Sake Matsuri and more.
We bring together an alliance of the best wineries, cheese, food and drinks folks we know in a fun, festival environment. So this is our podcast about all about the people in our orbit and who make our festivals what they are.

Hosted by founder Dan Sims, you’ll hear an array of topics based around a number of series so if you’re keen for more, we’d love to invite you to subscribe via your favourite podcast platform.

Oh, we also produce the MOULD CHEESE COLLECTIVE Podcast which is about, well, cheese!


There is no denying that the affects of COVID-19 are proving both dramatic and widespread across all industries, and particularly so for those that specialise in bringing people together.

Open to all members of the broader events community, this forum was a chance to hear from key Australian food and drinks event producers about how they are managing the short and longterm challenges of the current COVID-19 situation.

EPISODE #1 – A virtual Forrum for the events industry
EPISODE #2 – A New Zealand Perspective


The MOULD Cheese Collective is not just a podcast, it’s you’re chance to connect with a passionate community of like-minded makers, growers, farmers and families who just happen to make the best cheese in Australia.

On this podcast, we’ll introduce you to some of the best cheesemakers we know, from right around Australia.

You’ll get to hear their stories and get an understanding of what really goes into making truly brilliant, delicious cheese.


What is Bread & Circus you say? Co-Founded with the wonderful Sharon Flynn from The Fermentary (who also co-presents and features in this podcast) it was set to be a celebratory deep-dive into the world of fermentation – in all its tasty, pro-biotic, health-giving magnificence. 

So whether it was sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha to cheese, wine, beer, cider, sake, salumi …if it’s fermented, you would have found it at Bread & Circus.

Sadly, we had to postpone the original February 2020 date to mid June due to many of the producers and partners being affected by the horrific bushfires Australia faced at the start of the year.

But then, Covid-19, happened and as a result, we had to make the tough decision to cancel it for this year, with the aim to rise like a phoenix in 2021.

However, the silver lining is that we still got to meet, greet and hear from globally renowned Fermentalist, Sandor Katz … aka Sandorkraut, and hence, this podcast.