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Over the past decade, REVEL have built a portfolio of festival brands based upon our favourite things; food & wine. It has one clear purpose: To create remarkable experiences that people love and learn from.

Since 2012, our flagship event property is Pinot Palooza - which has operated in 13 cities across 6 countries - has attracted tens of thousands of people in celebration of a single grape variety, Pinot Noir.
Since 2017, MOULD - A Cheese Festival has been an annual celebration of the makers, growers, farmers and families who make the best cheese in Australia visiting all major capital cities. Quite literally, tens of tonnes of cheese has been sold and consumed on event days to tens of thousands of people across the country.
We've also hosted cult classics like Game of Rhones, Gauchito Gil's Malbec Day, Wine Day Out, Oinofilia and many more.

We’ve done this by building a vibrant audience of like minded, passionate people all keen to engage with producers and spend their hard earned dollars directly.

2024 is set to be our biggest year yet with more people, more cities!

MOULD A Cheese Festival is an unapologetic celebration of the best cheeses in Australia. Expanding to all major capital cities in 2024, over 100 kinds of Australian cheeses on tasting, from over 30 different brands, audiences will purchase and consume close to 12 tonnes of cheese in 2024 beating all previous records.
MOULD is without doubt the largest celebration of Australian cheese in the country.

Since its inception in 2012, Pinot Palooza has set the benchmark for wine tasting events proving you can both learn and have fun with wine at the same time. Visiting thirteen cities and six countries in its decade-long traveling road show, 2024 sees it focus primarily on Australia for its annual celebration of Pinot Noir.

This hybrid event combines the powers of both the MOULD A Cheese Festival brand with the fun of Pinot Palooza. By doing so it not only allows us to service the smaller capital cities but increase attendee numbers without compromising the overall event experience for both guest and producer alike.

Every year, we learn more and more about our audience; their likes, preferences, trends and more. But one thing is always clear. They love to interact, engage and spend their hard earned dollars directly with the producers themselves.

Despite the often ‘doom and gloom’ narrative of the media, REVEL events saw an 20-25% increase on spend per person in 2023 with record breaking attendance figures in all cities for both MOULD and Pinot Palooza.
We also spread the good wine and cheese word by engaging with the media, across all platforms, with a whopping 40 million accumulative reach including 11 prime time televisions spots with syndications nationally.

When added to our own social media reach, E-newsletters and performance marketing strategy, we know how to excite and delight our audience.


Est Attendees in 2024


Est Average Spend Per Person
On top of ticket price

48 million

Estimated Cumulative Media reach in 2024

$3.4 million

Est event day sales in 2024


Est Bottles of wine sold and consumed on event days

12.5 tonne

Cheese to be sold on event days in 2024


Capital Cities Visited


Estimated Transactions with vendors in 2024


Average value per transaction


Attendees in 2023


avg spend per person in 2023
(up 18% on 2022)


Tonnes of cheese sold on event days in 2023


Attendees in 2023


avg spend per person in 2023
(up 18% on 2022)


Bottles sold and consumed in 2023


Attendees in 2023


avg spend per person in 2023


Cities in 2024

ABC - Mould 2023

Channel 7 - Mould 2023

Channel 9 - Mould 2023

Spreading the good word is critical to any festivals success. From the minute we launch, to the lead up communications, producer and partner profiles, EDMs, social media posts it all builds up to the excitement and anticipation of festival days.

We know the more we talk about brands in the lead up, they’r more sought after on the day with increased stand visitation, engagement and (perhaps critically) wine sales. This was no better proven with the TASMANIA activation at Pinot Palooza in 2022 which saw close to 40% of all sales on event days on Tasmanian products.

Speaking of event days, the message is further spread with us enjoying multiple primetime TV slots across all channels which boosted not only awareness, but a driver for last minute ticket sales.
This is all due to our communications partners and performance marketing team working in collaboration with our comms strategy to deliver the results we see below.

41 Million +

Cumulative PR reach in 2023 (up 15% on 2022)


unique pieces of media


Primetime slots across Seven News, Nine News, ABC News and 10 News First with 58 syndications boasting a combined reach of 2.5 million + (up from 1 million in 2022)


INSTAGRAM: 13k followers

INSTAGRAM: 12.4k followers


45k Active
45% open rates

There is no denying the REVEL audience is an engaged one who is dead set keen to meet and greet the makers, growers, farmers and families that just happen to make the best darn Australian cheese and wine in the country.

For over a decade of events, we consistently attract a predominantly younger audience, women led, who are seeking experiences to share.
They’re highly engaged, curious and a purchase motivated audience keen to get to know the best makers going around.
They’re technically savvy, highly social and are looking for a more engaging and unique type of experience.
They travel, are interested in exploring their own backyard (and beyond) and love to talk about it amongst their friends.

Word of mouth is a critical form of communication about our festivals and when partnered with our own database and social channels, potent.
Like everyone, their lives are busy, stressful and challenging so they’re looking for experiences outside of their world. And will spend their money on it.
In short, it’s the audience we’ve always wanted.


Under the age of 35


under the age of 45




Women in the under 35 age group

We are as much a media company as a festival business for we bring full circle the digital promotion, audience engagement and in person activations.

From pre-sales, to launch, to the promotion in the lead up, to on day activations, to post event follow up and then onto the next event campaign. It’s an ever growing cycle of engagement and communication.
We know the more we talk about a brand in the lead up to the event, the more sought after they are at the event.
We offer a multitude of partner and brand opportunities from exclusive pre-sale access, to visual merchandise, stand activations, POS and products put directly into the hands of attendees for them to both use and take home on festival days.

From presenting partner, to masterclass sponsor, and or a brand activation, we tailor our agreements to your brands specific need and or purpose.
With a multitude of touch points, we want to work with you to find the best way to maximize your impact.

Scroll below to see just some examples of how you can activate.

With over 27,500 attendees expected in 2024, with over 200 different vendors and tens of thousands of transactions, there are multiple touch points for you to engage with our audience.
Below are just some of the opportunities.


You will be a presenting partner of the festival with logo aligned with ours on all marketing and promotional collateral, tickets, signage and more.


We offer a range of sized stands and activaiton spaces for our festival floor. Depending on the city, we can scale this up or down and or to your requirements. Whether you bump this in yourself, or use our styling partners, we can develop something that will POP all to your budget.


Get your logo in the hands of every MOULD & MOULD x PINOT PALOOZA attendee. All 17,500 of them.
Prices range from $1.50 - $2 a unit


PINOT PALOOZA totes have been instrumental in increasing on day wine sales and are given to every attendee.
Let's get your logo on these and collaborate on highly engaging designs.
15,000 units from $3.50 a unit


Get your Point of Sale at every transaction point. Sales are made at every stall and range from 50 to 90 terminals per event.


We ask attendees to vote for their favourite cheese and or wine on events days. You can have your logo on the app, and or offer a prize per event per city and or an overall 'grand prize brought to you by *insert your brand here*

The dates are ready set for the 2024 REVEL event season seeing us visit virtually all major capital cities.
Our national Tour enables us to engage with a much wider and broader audience and often, twice in a year.

Key to this are the launch dates which enables us to activate our audience (or yours) via exclusive pre-sale, discounts, access and more.




JULY 2024

We'd love you part of our festival but we also know every brand has different wants, needs and desires.
Below are some of our ideas of how we can work together.


With the size and scale of our audience there are a multitude of ways to spread the good word. Whether it be via our newsletter, socials posts, ticketing platforms and more.
Here are some of the potential outcomes.

Inclusion in the Launch Press Release

Distributed nationally, you will feature as a highlight of the festival. The activation will also be pushed in any TV crossses we manage to access and be pitched to key media on the day

Inclusion in the launch EDM (July 2024)

In addition, we’ll deliver the below

    • Stand alone EDM on the NZ feature per city (in the lead up to the event) highlighting who is there (EDM reach 45k)
    • Stand lone social media posts on regions included and producers within
    • Post event EDM shout out and or call for a survey per city
    • Dedicated website page on NZ wines part of the program linked via the ticketing page

“COME SEE US” plugs

  • This will be on the printed ticket itself as well as the ticketing redirect page featuring NZ Wine as a Feature region


With thousands of people joiing us on events days, amplifying your presence is a sure fire way to not only draw attention to you, but result in better brand awareness and, at the end of the day, sales.

We’d position the NZ Wine group of wineries in key positions in each city to maximise not only attention, but foot traffic.

To highlight the space, we’ll use banners, media walls at each end to encourage photos and then having special designed corfulte signs on the front of each of the stands to make the space stand out.
The below is basic mock up of the stand as well as a gallery of exmaples of how this will look in each space.
These are suggestions on branding but gives you an indication of what we can do here.
Depending on the investment, we could include the cost of this as part of the package (as well as freight, install costs etc etc).


Each city would have variations of activation size depending upon the number of exhibitors attending.
As an approximate rule, each producer has a 3m x 3m space however, we would increase this to maximise traffic flow and media wall draw cards

SYD: 15 – 20 Wineries (approximately 100+ square metre space)
MEL: 15 – 20 Wineries (approximately 100+ square metre space)
BNE: 10 – 15 Wineries (approximately 70+ square metre space)


$55,000 (aud + gst) all inclusive

Price includes all of the above mentioned for all east coast cities, SYD, BNE and MEL plus …

  • Printing of the hero banner 12m x 3m 
  • Media wall skins ( x 2)
  • Styling of activation areas
  • Printing of corflute for all stands as well as general signage

NOTE: Newsletter database 45k with opens rates of 45+%