Event Coordinator

Claudia Martinez hails from the small island of Puerto Rico. As a young chica she enjoyed all things food and loved trying new things. After moving to Boston for university, Claudia found herself a bit lost but knew she wanted to work with people. After a long night of complaints from her college roommate about her Hospitality Program, Claudia decided to transfer into the School of Hospitality in her second year. It was while living in Boston that Claudia was exposed to all things restaurants and bars and fell in love with the fast-paced environment that was hospitality work. She eventually took an interest in organising small dining events for her university group, The Diner’s Club, where she combined her love for restaurants and gathering like-minded groups of people to share something special.

After travelling the world for a couple of months, Claudia settled into Melbourne, where she was drawn to the lively and ever-changing hospitality scene. What was supposed to be a one year stay turned permanent. Here she began a keen interest in learning about local wines and had the chance to visit some of her favourites while travelling Australia. Claudia enrolled in an Events course while working in hospitality and found herself annoying Dan Sims for an interview for a project. From there, she became a bit obsessed with Bottle Shop Concepts and eventually landed an internship with the bunch. She is happy to say that she is now past those days of interning!

Claudia still enjoys travel, food and wine – all things that bring people together. You can find Claudia dragging her friends to new restaurants or cooking up a storm in the kitchen while enjoying a glass of funky rosé.